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Top 3 Online Sports Books

*CASH Bonuses received by some of my followers.

As you guys know it is very important to have a solid trusted Online Sport Book. A good online sport book should offer great lines/odds, great bonuses for new players, FAST Payouts and Live Betting action among other things. I shop a lot for the best lines, I have a bankroll in multiple sites so at the time to make a bet I have a wide options/choices to make my bet on the site with the best lines. These are my top 3 Sports Betting sites, Available in the USA 100% Trusted and Recommended by The Lord! They all offer great services, fast payouts, sign up bonuss and betting options. 

Feel free to ask any questions about any of them by messaging me on Twitter @LordSportsBets:

  1. Bovada100% CASH BONUS when you sign up, instant boost to your Bankroll
  2. GT Bets – 100% CASH BONUS when you sign up among other bonuses. 
  3. Bookmaker100% FREEPLAY Bonus or 50% CASH BONUS

With GT Bets or Bovada, you deposit $250, seconds later your balance will show $500.00 dollars, that is now YOUR CASH, YOUR Balance, YOUR Bankroll. While in Bookmaker you can get Half Cash 50% of your deposit or 100% of your deposit matched with FreePlays. With those you get like a separate balance in a free play section where you can use it to bet but you can only get the cash of whatever bets you win. If you bet $25 to win $25 from that free play balance, the amount you bet gets discounted from the free play balance and the winnings cash gets added to your balance. Still not too bad, at the end of the day it is FREE Money! Feel free to ask any questions about any of them on Twitter, @LordSportsBets

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