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Top 3 Online Sports Books to Bet In USA

As you guys know it is very important to have a solid trusted Online Sport Book. A good online sport book should offer great lines/odds, great bonuses for new players, FAST Payouts and Live Betting action among other things. I shop a lot for the best lines, I have a bankroll in multiple sites so at the time to make a bet I have a wide variety of options/choices to make my bet on the site with the best line. These are my top 2 Sports Betting sites, Available in the USA 100% Trusted and Recommended by LSP! They all offer great services, fast payouts, sign up bonuses and betting options.

Feel free to ask any questions about any of them by messaging me on Twitter @LordSportsPicks:

  1. Bovada100% CASH BONUS when you sign up, instant boost to your Bankroll. Lowest Rollover in the business, apart from that Bonus Cash being added and ready to use instantly. Great site to bet All Sports and Leagues.
  2. Bookmaker – Sharpest Book Around, Highest Limits and a wide variety of options to bet on. Covers ALL of my International Sports and Leagues and allow me to bet higher than other books. 100% Sign Up Bonus as a FREEPLAY, unlike the other two Sportsbooks on here that give you Cash, they offer freeplay for your amount of deposit which is still good, just have to convert it into cash.
  3. GT Bets – 100% CASH BONUS when you sign up among other bonuses. Lots of options to bet on with friendly odds.

As always recommend cash and low rollovers over big free play bonuses/rollovers that come with them. Cash boost your bankroll INSTANTLY, in these cases DOUBLE it and that is always good to start your football season.

Bookmaker would be my recommended sports book if you are not looking for bonuses but to bet big, usually where I store most of my bankroll and place my bigger best. TRUST IT 100%

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