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As you guys know I am a Vegas EVERYTHING guy, love sports betting and everything that is related to Vegas and gambling. I play tons of Poker when I visit Vegas, Blackjack and all kind of tables games! I also enjoy playing those same games online for REAL Money in a very solid website called Ignition Casino. Fast Payouts, even faster than the Sports Betting sites, lots of fun, Poker Cash Games, Tournaments and Sit &Gos along with Blackjack, slots and other table games. 100% Cash Bonus when you sign up. As you guys know I don’t recommend or post about ANYTHING I have not personally used or had an experience with!

If you would like to try it out the site name is Ignition Casino, you get a CASH BONUS as soon as you sign up. Feel Free to Ask Me any questions about it on my Twitter. Really good site to play on and make so extra money. Ignition Casino.

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