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About LordSports Betting

LordSportsPicks as known from Twitter Michael my real life name. I have been Sports Betting for more than 7 years successfully and as a Professional. In 2016 I decided to join Twitter, I thought it was the perfect social media platform to share my Plays and there I found an already big sports betting community. Not one I 100% liked, lots of fake Cappers who pretend to be pros and a lot of long term losing players but also good people and good bettors! So I decided to stay and try to make an impact on at least a few people. My intentions was to help as many people as I could to improve their sports betting skills or at least help them win more with my picks!

Later, I decided to make it a service. A very affordable one. Wanted to help as many people didn’t matter how big or small their bankrolls were as I knew I could make people money because basically that’s how I put a plate on my table and pay my bills and get all my luxury as a professional! It was a success, got a nice group of people who I call my original VIP clients and decided to help them with a Private Twitter while still posting Free Picks on my other Twitter. It’s a pleasure to share why I do and enjoy with you all and call you not only my clients but my family!

*LordSportsPicks got most of my followers at the beginning when I had 0 during my AMAZING 2016 MLB Season where he hit nearly 70% of his plays and 11 +1000 odds or more Parlays! NBA, NFL, Soccer, College Basketball and Football are among other Sports I CRUSH and can help you make money on.

If interested you can get in contact on Twitter: @LordSportsPicks or email: lordsports365@gmail.comĀ