Short day for us yesterday as I was all kinds of busy in the personal aspect. We went 1-0 playing a beautiful total in White Sox vs Twins Under 9 runs. Game ended 4-2 for the Twins, easy winner ✅

Today though, although still kept it short, we went 1-1. Hit a another nice Under 9.5 Under in Yankees vs Jays ✅ but felt couldn’t a nice dance partner for it as the F5 Tigers vs RedSox Under 5 slipped away from us late in it. No damage kind of day.

Looking to get back into our routine starting with some overnight baseball, either Japan, South Korea or both to start a new day tomorrow and that will be followed by some good early MLB and maybe even European basketball. Stay tuned to your mobile/email alerts if you are a client and if you are not click above in our Picks and Packages page or contact me directly at: