Mondays, everyone hates them for different reasons. Most people for the same, getting up to go to work and report to a boss. Some just because it is the first day of a long week after a great weekend, all work related. Well in sports betting, sometimes Mondays can be bad as well, but it is just between you and nobody else.

We completely passed on MLB today with only 5 games on the slate. Nothing I really liked, thought there was not enough edges/value in any of the games to come out strong. Then bet an European Basketball game, a beautiful Under 160 in Belgium ( Spirou vs Antwerp) that unfortunately when to Overtime when the total was about 15 points away. Bad luck I would say but all I can do is pick them right, once those go away they will drop like mangoes all winners. Variance, bad luck, whatever that was. Such a beautiful under gone to waste!

So between starting the day striking out twice I decided to take it easy. Never good to put yourself in a hole this early in the weekly, especially in my case because we all know what I am capable of doing. Take the short loss and call it a day, long week ahead and time to bounce back!