After the great week we have had. Big run, nice streak of consecutive wins TWICE, one coming from last week all the way to mid week and the other starting there up to yesterday’s 4-0 sweep you kind of expect things to go against you at some point. It did but it wasn’t that terrible.

MLB went 0-2 we ran to a sharp Michael Wacha from the Cardinals when we picked Pirates F5 Moneyline, the guy took a No Hitter all the way to the 9th inning, nothing you can do about that. He woke up feeling great and decided to have one of the best outings of his life. In the other side we had the young Kingham, who also had a no hitter going deep last time he faced the Cards. This time he did not started the game as solid, gave up a walk, a hit then a ground ball double play that could have put him in position to get out of the jam but his shortstop dropped the ball, made a costly error with everyone safe as the next batter Ozuna swung at the first pitch for a Grand Slam. Cardinals did not scored for the rest of the F5, it was just that as Kingham hold them at 3 hits the rest of those first 5 innings. With the state of Wacha we were pretty much hoping for a Push, but certainly if he didn’t get a lead that early he would have pitched less relaxed.

Then we had a very nice play on Marlins +0.5 F5 vs the Dbacks a beauty in my eyes still even after what I’m about to describe. Marlins outhit Dbacks for the first 5 inning, even had a runner on third with 1 out that they could have drove in for the 1st run which we would have ended up needing later. Yes because after 4 solid innings and a 0-0 score, Dan Straily decided to let on base the lead off man #8 hitter, walk, yes WALK the pitcher who was just trying to bunt and get himself out to then load the bases with another walk. They ended up just getting 1 run out of that with no outs, of course that one run killed the F5 when we just were 3 outs away, it happens.

Luckily for us there was some College Baseball which helped us by getting one back for us and settling International/LSPUnlimited Package at an even record for the day. We made a play on Mississippi vs Tennessee Tech Over 14.5. Highest total I have ever bet in my sports betting career but this one was just too special to pass. Two hot offenses that lead the nation in several categories or at least top in most of them, coming in with hot bats I thought the total was a very nice to take advantage of. Rooting for 15 runs in a game is never fun but it got through ✅ Winner.

So the day overall is nothing to be excited about, certainly you can expect a day like this when you are so hot. Moving on to tomorrow Monday and can’t wait. Should have some European Basketball in the morning and also baseball all day.