No better feeling in the world than seeing them all hit one by one, winner by winner. That’s what we have been doing, on one hell of a run that might have stopped for a day somewhere this week but has restarted and continued.

After yesterday’s short but profitable day, we follow with a MASSIVE 4-0 Overall Sweep. Started with Japan Baseball where we played an Over the total of 7 between Hanshin and Seibu late last night Winner✅ Then we moved to South Korea where we played Nexen vs LG Twins Over 9.5 ✅ Winner. Those two for International Baseball.

MLB, we played one play, one Winner in Pirates vs Cardinals Under 4.5 (+100) F5 ✅ very solid stuff from both starting pitchers as I expected (Kuhl and Weaver), could have considered playing the game Under for both F5 and Full game for a double hit. From there we went to College Baseball for the first time officially this year. Florida vs Jacksonville Under 10 ✅ Winner.

Pretty amazing day and run we got going and I’m looking forward to continuing it for a long time if possible. Best combination ever put together, most complete handicapper you will find out there. All sports and leagues, 24/7 action. Everything put together like the most amazing puzzle to create big profitable days.

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