Friday, a day everyone loves because it represents the of the week. For me, as Professional Sports bettor, a Friday is as good as any other day of the week. Another perk of doing this for a living. Well, there was not much on the board I liked today, but we turned a nice profitable day!

We started the day with some International baseball were we had a play in South Korea, Nexen vs LG Twins was the game to go Under the total of 9.5 runs. Lovely game, 3-1 low scoring and easy win for us. No surprises or bad beats late this time.

✅ Winner.

Then we got into some MLB Action, Nats vs Braves over the total of 8 runs. Was really expecting those bats to compete against these tops two competitors and great starting pitchers (Strasburg and Foltynewicz) well they both showed up SHARP, and Mike completed a full game shutout for the Braves who won 4-0. We fell short, well not even close. So, we moved on, we did not gave up and fired a SHARP total play on Rays vs Mariners Under 8. Game was 3-2 in the 9th and of course, gets tied 3-3 to make us sweat in Extra Innings. 13 innings total, solo walk off home run gave the Mariners the win and with no one on base also gave is the Winner ✅

Profitable 2-1 day overall. Do have a Japan baseball play pending at the time of writing this blog, looking fantastic, probably another easy winner but I will have to count that as tomorrow’s action although it started at 10pm Pacific time ( My Time) it will definitely going to end/cash and be graded on 6/2/2018. Regardless how you see it, either 3-1 or we have started a new day the right way with a 1-0.

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