After such an amazing week and amazing run it was inevitable that a bad day was going to come. Not a terrible one though, we started the day with a 2-0 to continue our MASSIVE run and streak of consecutive winners. Swept the early day plays and got swept during the night. Today was exactly that, day was bright, light and full of amazing things while the night was dark, ugly and mean to us.

We finished with a 2-3 overall, down a unit which we will take over anything worst. Pirates F5 +0.5 was a huge swing for us. They were tied 4-4 with 2 outs runner on third, they finish that inning tied we get another winner that would have put us 3-0 for the day overall International Basketball where we hit a play in France earlier in Strasbourg -6.5 ✅ and the Rays vs Oakland Over 7.5✅ would have added to that had we gotten the Pirates F5. One out away and it was a bloop single that broke our hearts. BAD BEAT!

Up to that point still, International had a eight winners in a row streak. Mexican baseball one of our best friends during that streak failed us which is rare, an Under 12 slipped away in the 9th inning in something I don’t really call a bad beat but would have been nice to hold it there at least for the push with 4 outs away. There I knew things were going to go against us and that’s how we ended the day 2-3 getting swept for the night.

Can’t expect to win them all, can’t expect to get lucky either. We will win but sometimes we must lose. Losing days are part of this and necessary. Nothing but moving on and looking forward for a day that give us that 1 unit we are down for the day and much more tomorrow! Likely starting the day with some Japan baseball action and continue it with European basketball again. Yes suddenly European is back to hot when it was the one that put us in a rough start last week! ( Lol)

***Have to say, I threw a free play for you all that minimized if not covered all damage made with the Klay Thompson over 20.5 Prop. Nice Winner there posted on Twitter ✅ Back tomorrow with more!