Quick Recap for today’s action. 3-2 Overall, we continue to turn profitable days. That’s key going forward into a new month. Huge run in the process. International stays hot 2-0 sweep. We fall short at the end with Mariners to close the night, that would have given us a big day 4-1 just like yesterday but I will take the overall profit between both International and MLB action today.

We have hit a few small underdogs, some small favorites during this overall run in MLB but going for totals I found was the best way to keep the big run going. Less variance in my opinion with them when trying to put together a much needed run. For example the other day we played Angels vs Tigers Over 9.5, according to projection I had the Angels winning this game 8.2 to 3.9 which of course doesn’t exist exactly like that in real life but they projections anyways. Well Tigers end up being the ones winning that game by that exact score, the winner of the game just switch to the other team’s number as projected BUT we decided to go with the total so regardless who it played out our chances were higher and so we hit it.

Unders were also a key part, like today’s Jays vs Redsox F5 Under ✅ Game ended up going over the full game total late (9.5, finished 6-4) making me look like a genius for taking the 2-0 sweat-less F5 Under winner. That was pretty much it for baseball as we fell short with Dbacks under and Mariners who couldn’t get 3 outs after grabbing decent leads multiple times.

International was FANTASTIC today, easy Under 206 total in Philippines San Miguel bs Phoenix ✅ then we closed the day with some Mexican Baseball where we played a lovely total in Over 10.5 between Tigres and Diablos Rojos ✅

3-2 Day Overall. Profitable, Once again! Looking forward to some overnight baseball action in Japan today. All picks are send through text messages and email. Contact me directly if you are interested in any of our packages or purchase it directly from our site.