Quick day today for personal reasons. We bet the Pirates ML who ended up choking/blowing up the nice comfortable 4-1 lead in the last few innings. Had F5 in mind and should have actually played both officially for a double hit I had in mind. Little did I know they were going you break my heart as their bullpen is usually good enough to take care of such lead.

So our only MLB Play for the day was a loss, a heartbreaking one. Was really hoping to deliver a winner which looked like it for a big part of the game but the thing about baseball you are always one big inning or one big hit away from disaster doesn’t matter how comfortable is your lead.

For International we only played an early morning total play in Russia. Lately it has been a little frustrating to bet basketball, well basketball in general. We are doing the work, anticipating and beating the lines because we are taking the sharp play before it gets sharpened but human factor and situations of the game have had these games go against us. We did that once again today and fell short with the Over 179 between Saratov and Zenit. No complains, we all bet to win but losing is part of it. Really short day.

Memorial day tomorrow, big card is expected and action starts early in the morning. We don’t need a huge bounce back to recover from today but could use a Big day to celebrate with you all. All Mobile/Email Alerts will be send within half hour of our first game.