After a great day yesterday (5/25/18) overall we felt completely in the zone for today’s action and I wanted to play lots of totals I found to be off for MLB. I might start calling Saturdays “Totals Saturdays” seems there is always a few hanging breaking balls left over the plate by the oddsmaker every time on this day of the week for me to hit out of the ballpark.

We started the day with an easy Over 9.5 Winner ✅ in White Sox vs Padres, which hit by the 6th inning. Then we lost in a boxing fight kind of game the Under between Astros and Indians ✖️ but we closed the day in a big way with a super easy Over 7 runs ✅ total in the Padres vs Dodgers game.

So MLB stays hot, stays profitable as I told you guys I was trying to get on another 7 or 8 winners in a row streak to end the month, similar to the one we just had. Not on it yet but whatever adds profit for MLB I’ll take! Sitting at just over 23 Units for the season with a long way to go!

In the International Package we played a very Sharp Over 11 Runs Total in Mexico which has been the hottest among all, even MLB lately but with a smaller sample size. We played that Over 11 in the Guerreros vs Puebla game. Total closed at 12.5 juiced to go to 13, as always anticipating and beating the line but the luck was not in our side as we fall short of the 11 runs by 1. Worst of all, they had 10 runs up on the board by the 6th inning! All 0s, ZEROS after and they were never able to score 1 more which is at least all we needed not to lose.

There was a key play in the 6th as there was 2 men on base 1 out with their best player batting and runners attempt a double steal, man was caught stealing at 2nd base which made it two outs. One pitch later, a TRIPLE! Would scored 2 runs instead of one made the game have a total of 11 runs with 3 full innings to go. But those things happen, it wasn’t for us, was not meant to be! We did everything right for sure and rarely will you see all zeros for the rest of an International baseball game as bullpens are usually terrible.

So the day overall was a no harm no foul kind of day *overall. Sometimes International baseball like yesterday’s 2 Unit play give us all the money, today MLB was good enough to save the day and I’ll take it. One run off from a sweep 4-0 sweep overall yesterday, and one run away from a very nice day today. 2-2 overall and on to tomorrow! Japan baseball play was cancelled as one of the starting pitchers was scratched off which completely changes everything I have worked on therefore there was not a 2 Unit play or any action in Japan (as of now).