One thing about sports betting, when you are good, you will get a chance to bounce back from a bad day. That’s exactly what we did today (Friday 5/25) we had a 1-2 Thursday but we got back to work and delivered a 2 Units play in Japan. An easy Over 7.5 between Yokohama and Yakult a game that ended with a total of 19 runs. We cashed that in 3 innings. Nothing you would want from a multiple units play than to cash like that.

MLB was very good as well. We were 1 more run from the Yankees away from a 3-0 sweep. Jays ML was a winner ✅ so was one of the most beautiful and easiest Under ever with our bet in Orioles vs Rays Under 8.5 ✅ that game finished 2-0. So we go 2-1 in MLB, 3-1 overall with a huge day in Japan. Looking forward for a big weekend where we will have all kinds of action, from International Sports/Leagues to MLB, WNBA and maybe I will squeeze some NBA as well.