Having complete control of what is going to happen in Sports betting is what most “Cappers” try to sell you these days. A high confidence level based on your research/work done for a game is good, what’s actually going to happen in the game can be completely different.

Our Rangers F5 game today was an example of that. We anticipated and beat the line, got the value side and we get a clean 1st inning from our underdog pitcher Bibens-Dirkx, we start the bottom of the 1st inning with a single, in my head I’m like this is the kind of game I was expecting here we go, let’s get some runs… Next pitch is a ball in the dirt that instead of completely getting out of the reach of the catcher hits the batter in the face, our runner leaves for 2nd and get thrown out.

Next thing was a walk, would have been nice to start the game 1st and 2nd No Outs against a pitcher like Duffy who doesn’t have any confidence this year. Long story short that inning evaporated. On to the 2nd inning where we got 1 runner on base two outs for the Royals, ground ball single goes by Delino Deshields who made the most stupid error and the ball rolls at the way to the wall in the center field. Not only the man on base scored but the one with the little single did as well from home to home! Those are the little things we just can’t control, changes the whole dynamic of the game as now Duffy had a 2-0 lead that will give him that CONFIDENCE. We were down 0-1 to start the night as they were not able to recover. Regardless of the Final score which was ugly, all we needed was a decent First 5 innings from them, besides the error we could have gotten them.

Thankfully there is a beautiful thing called Mexican Baseball who came through nice and easy as we picked Diablos Rojos del Mexico to win on the Moneyline. Solid league, runs very smooth and stay true to numbers. Great value in it and we are going to keep pounding it all season long!

WNBA was a swing and a miss as we fall with the Total Under 162.5 in the Sparks game. Sparks so far don’t like me, they play great offensively but their defense have not arrived from vacation yet. I think we can say that about every team so far this season we just haven’t played that many Unders to complain about anyone else (Lol)

So a 1-2 day overall, not terrible. Could have been better for sure. Weird sensation as I think any other day with a little bit of luck or less unlucky should have stay the course and hit.