In Sports Betting not only you celebrate the big days or the winning/profitable days, with the time you learn to celebrate those days that you are able to turn around after a bad start or those where you do just enough to recover and limit damage.

That’s exactly what happened today. We started with our first games in Europe, 1 TRUE official play for clients was Monaco -11 in France. I say truly official because I also sent a Russian Basketball league play but that one was not available in most places except 1 or 2. Regardless they were true disasters. We beat the line on both ( more on the topic in another blog and its importance) especially Monaco, we grabbed that line at -11 early, it closed at -14 I never felt so sharp, so good. However it punched me in the face, the way the game played out it end up meaning nothing, Monaco let Pau keep this game close at all times and when they got themselves in position to cover the -11 after a big 3rd quarter where they finished leading by 8, they let go and almost lost at the end.

One of those examples of line anticipation, beating the lines, sometimes it is not on you but those human beings playing on the court that make bad decisions, mistakes and other in game stuff that might impact the score or dynamic of a game. They felt short, or even worse were not even close. That put us in a hole to start our day when the best team in France (Monaco) let us down. It happens I always say, we are gambling. Later I’ll sit down and analyze why was it that they were not able to break out to cover the line when they had enough lead, it will help to have some notes ready for a later game in this series.

It was time for us to hit MLB, which have been hot lately. We ended our streak at 7 winners in a row yesterday because we split the day 1-1. Well today wasn’t so different! We split the morning MLB Plays 1-1 Tigers F5 winner ✅ Royals F5 Lost✖️ and also the night MLB ones 1-1 Jays F5✅ winners and Reds F5 loss✖️. Pretty much no damage although it felt like I could have cashed all of them, Royals pitcher Junis made ONE mistake all game, so did Bailley to Cervelli 2 run shot early in the game. Both very close, Royals was way more as they even had the lead at some point.

So European Basketball put us in a little hole, MLB a no damage situation with the split it was time for the International + WNBA combo to deliver and put us in a spot where we could close the night nicely and do some recovery. So I turned to Mexican Baseball and WNBA. 3 Mexican Baseball plays, all totals. Durango Over 12✅, Leones Under 8.5✅ Sultanes Under 11 ✖️. We should have swept our Mexican baseball card! That last one was a terrible bad beat, 9 inning, 2 outs and an error cost us 3 runs with the game at that moment having a total of 9 runs.

WNBA also delivered with an easy winner in Seattle Storm +6 ✅ outright underdog winner and we bounce back immediately with a 3-1 night. Not huge day for sure, but the way it started, could have been a true disaster. So like I mentioned earlier, we celebrate the big days but we also have to celebrate those we save because sports betting like most things in life, always, ALWAYS give you another chance for revenge and that is tomorrow. Looking for a very solid day tomorrow and build up momentum from this very decent night.