During my years sports betting I have found that nothing beats discipline and great bankroll management. Only that will take you to the next level and give you the chance to do this for a living or at least as a second extra income. Runs or streaks start, keep going and come to an end. Keeping your composure is KEY at all times and working hard for a better day is always possible.

That’s exactly what happened with our MLB Streak where up to early today we hit 7 in a row up to Reds F5 +0.5 ✅ but lost the over the total 8.5 play on Padres vs Nationals. 7 cashes in a row is always a good streak but one that you always want to continue for as long as possible. Still a 1-1 MLB day is not so terrible.Launched

WNBA today as well after seeing the board right for the first few couple of days. Took an Under this time, (Sparks vs Fever Under 152) that started as bad as I could have imagined with 49 points, definitely a quarter that should have not been part or didn’t belong to this game as they proceeded to score 37-34-37 and our number was only beat with a 15 seconds left shot that took the 152 to 155 then a extra bucket ended the game.

You won’t see many close to 50 points quarter in women’s basketball in a 10 minutes quarters format. Take out let’s say 4-5 points of it to make it closer to an average WNBA quarter which is around 40 or less and we got ourselves another winner. No complains, those will hit any other day that was not today. 1-2 Overall, no complains, you have to take your losing days and certainly 1-2 is not as bad in US Sports.

Got unlucky with our late night game yesterday in Japan where our Over 7.5 stops at 7 run and we miss by half a run. Some regression is expected overall after hitting 14 in a row to start the International betting. However we must move away from this bad little streak soon!