The beauty about sports betting for a living is that you know when you have the skills and the knowledge all it takes is patience for things to fall into their place. MLB required exactly that during the first 2 weeks of May, PATIENCE. April was fantastic, a solid start for MLB but it definitely slowed down and we were playing even ball up until last week where we finally made the Month of May hit the green. Bunch of 1-1 days, some losing days, some great days during that span but we were able to finally put a streak together and get MLB going hot once again to keep adding to our units won for the season.

MLB was able to once again deliver a sweep, 2-0 day supported by Yankees -1.5✅ and the Under 9 in the Orioles vs White Sox game ✅ which ended up being one of the best under we have bet in a while. Lots of people behind the Texas was the sharp side on this game, I have no doubt there was value in fading Tanaka against solid left handed bats but the Yankees right now are just too hot and Bartolo’s numbers are not where they need to be or who he is at 44 honestly.

Young Yankees hot bats vs a mainly fastball older pitcher is a recipe for disaster and it was a spot I was not willing to pass on even if I was going to end up giving you the team I have been a fan of during all my life, the New York Yankees. Typically try to look somewhere else when I see them on the board, you guys know I am a HUGE fan since my childhood and pretty sure it is hard for you not to not think I would be betting with the heart when I pick them. First play of the season that I bet them and not against them… A SUCCESS!

The Under 9 runs bet in the Orioles vs White Sox Game was just pure beauty. You got 2 pitchers that could get destroyed any given night, you see their numbers you would never think an Under was possible. It was just a great spot, both rested and both vs lineups that struggle against their style. Santiago is a very good veteran pitcher, he is great getting right handed bats for outs and that’s what Orioles best offensive players are, right handed. Cashner has improved ever since he got traded long time ago and although he is far from being an ace he still got the stuff to put together a great outing each and every time. That was definitely the SHARPEST play of the two we hit today and I am proud of it (Lol).

So we finished our MLB Day with another sweep, another 2-0. Baseball stays hot. We did missed an early International Basketball play where we can expect some variance or “regression” after the amazing full month we just had we will take losses like any other sports. Today’s play specifically should have been a beauty, Italy Basketball A2 league Verona (-2) was leading by as much as 12 pts before ending 1st half, finished leading that half by 7. Then completely melted down in the second half after a huge 3rd quarter by Bologna who tied the game 70-70 going into the 4th quarter. Then somehow, someway just scored 7 points in it, yes you read that right SEVEN points in the 4th quarter to end up losing the game 77-92. Hard to explain how a team goes from up 12 pts to losing a game that big while delivering a miserable 7 pts 4th quarter at home in an elimination game! I guess those things happen when you do this for so long and you win so much.

Profitable day nonetheless and that is all that matters. Japan Baseball possible for some overnight action for those in our incredibly profitable International Package. Looking forward to add some winners to International and continue our hot MLB Streak!