Our whole International Package is hitting over 65% after 1 Full Official Month of the package. That includes Baseball and Basketball from the different Asia and Europe leagues. Can’t remember the last time I hit something at such high winning rate for such a long period, UNREAL.

Everyone can have 65-70% weeks but a full month? It is almost impossible, well not with International Sports/Leagues. If you know anything about being a Professional Sports bettor, you know the break even is around 53% with “the juice” or the vig from the sports-books and an ideal profitable target is always going to be anywhere from 58% to 60% anything over that is greatness and means you are one of a kind.

Sunday’s 5/20/18 action started with some Euroleague Basketball, our only International play of the day. We made a bet on the total to go Over in the Zalgiris vs CSKA game. Both teams great shooting teams who had a shot to be in the finals. I knew that since both were somewhat neutralized in their first Final Four game where they both lost and missed the chance to be in the Finals there was a chance they both played a shootout type of game to say goodbye to their great Euroleague season in this final game. My biggest fear was that they both were frustrated and felt like they deserved to play the final and lacked motivation. Well that’s exactly what happened, they were careless, no motivation and their shooting was terrible as we felt short on that one.

Now, International Sports are a true blessing, we will probably never hit any US sport with such ease and such high winning rate simply because the edges are bigger and the variance is way less. There will be some days off, some bad beats like in Korea the other day but this is exactly what will make us the kind of money we dream about when combined with our US Sports. It is a win-win formula, almost impossible there will be a day where I am off with one and can’t fix it or make it up with the other one.

Talking about making up for my early day loss, MLB came through today in a HUGE way with a 2-0 sweep that turned around the day and put us in the profit. Like a surgeon, solid precise work as we hit the Over 8.5 in Padres vs Pirates✅ and then we got an easy winner in Marlins F5 ✅ who won the First 5 innings 6-0, then were ahead 9-4 in the bottom of the 9th 3 outs away and lost it to a walk off. Making me look like a GENIUS!

As I like to repeat, I got all kinds of weapons, all sports, all leagues. Hard to swing and miss often. All about the money, wherever I find an edge, an advantage that’s where I will be to make us all some good money. Some International early morning action possible tomorrow Monday 5/21/18 and looking forward for MLB to continue a hot streak, can’t wait!

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