For the past 2 or 3 years I have preached that Sports Betting is all about betting with an edge, betting with some kind of recognized advantage you might have found by working hard and researching games. I have been betting sports and living off it for 10 years now, mainly US Sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, College Football and Basketball) some Soccer as well. All of that have got me all the things I got today, a house, cars and other essential things in life.

Recently, after one year of testing everything in what I call “My Lab” I launched an International Sports/Leagues Betting Package for clients. TRUST ME, nothing I have bet for 10 years can be as exploitable, profitable and have such growth as these leagues I am currently sharing in this package called ‘International Money’, THAT is betting with an edge/advantage.

Think about it for a second, there is a reason you go to Vegas and you won’t see Japan, South Korean Baseball lines or Asian/European Basketball lines. Some places might have Euroleague because it is popular but most of the ones I just mentioned are not available for bettors to bet. Why? You would think Vegas won’t be interested in offering them because people won’t have the interest, the reality is that they would lose all the advantage they have over bettors who are dragged to bet many of the swingy high variance US Sports games on the board. Also their oddsmakers wouldn’t be able to dominate these leagues with accurate lines and it would be harder for the books to manipulate those lines.

It pays the same, sometimes better so they definitely don’t need or want to offer something that might replace what have made Vegas trillions of dollars for years, at least smarter bettors would pick up tendencies and realize they can bet international leagues over US and be more profitable long term. That’s the reason why International sports/leagues betting options are limited in Las Vegas and the reason why even with sports betting becoming legal in the states, solid Offshore online sports-books we trust and pay us like 5Dimes, Bovada, Bookmaker and others will still be of good use for that reason and more that I will discuss in another blog.

For us, the plan still the same CRUSH US Sports while collecting daily from International sports and leagues through offshore online sport books. Local bookies, very conveniently offer those leagues as well through their online sites. So make sure you have one, it is 24/7 Action and the best way to beat the books long term. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out! Message me today on Social Media or contact me through email to be part of our International Sports Package!