I have received dozens of messages for the past month from people asking me how much they should bet per game or how can they increase their bankroll. Most “touts” today just care about your money, monthly renewals and their next client/sign up, it is getting ridiculous on Twitter to be honest but if I can make a difference I’ll try! When I started on Twitter 1+ year almost 2 years ago I promised I would not only share my journey as a Sports Bettor but also help people out as much as I could to become the best sports bettor they can be. So here I go! And yes it is free, read and follow and at the end of I will be waiting for you on my Twitter DM to start a conversation.

I have decided that as long as I have time, I would help each one of you that have contacted me about this topic individually, not with picks (for now) but with a plan and encouragement for you to have a certain mindset and discipline to succeed. Like some kind of “Sports Betting phycologist” for you FREE of charge (LOL) I can help you find what you are currently doing wrong, prepare a short plan and all you have to do is execute it. I’m almost 100% sure most of you only need better bankroll management, some maybe need to change who they are following or getting picks from, regardless, you DO NOT have to be a client of mine or pay me for this! You could be following some other “Capper” on Twitter, it doesn’t matter.

We will discuss:

  • Your Starting Bankroll Amount
  • Current Bet Sizing
  • Current Volume of Bets per day
  • Realistic Goals as to how much you would like to see yourself betting per game in the future and with what kind of bankroll

Just a few things. After that I’m sure I will point you to the right direction and you will have a better shot at not only beating the Sports Book consistently but also making this a side/second source of income. Send me a message anytime on Twitter @LordSportsPicks and let me help you!