I have said this so many times, I didn’t get to where I am by betting favorites and overs. Well when talking about College Basketball I can also say I did not get here betting games involving all Top ranked teams! Matter of fact I do rather bet on a Sumo wrestling match somewhere in Asia as long as I have the information and find a clear edge! (Lol)

In college Basketball, the best way to make money during the season (in my opinion) is by researching, finding value and betting: Smaller conference teams or smaller schools/programs. There the lines are not as tight or accurate and mistakes by oddsmakers can be found. Edges can be seen clearer and lines are not adjusted so badly because the action taken by the books is not as big as with a Kentucky vs Duke kind of game.

I tweeted about how I scratched my head all day on Saturday when I saw everyone on Twitter talking about 2xing 5x and 10x their bets size on the Kentucky vs WVU game, top programs, top ranked teams with great talent but so many angles and spots to analyze to ever think you will be safe dumping a bag of money on any of those teams!

To give you an example of that same day where I completely passed on that one and other interesting matchups, my Top 2 sides plays that day that I hit along with the 2nd Half Play I Posted FREE on the Twitter were Santa Clara +3 and Arkansas State +5.5. Were those games on main TV channels? Nope! Were those games talked about on ESPN? Nope! Were those games easy winners?? ABSOLUTELY YES! Great cover and outright win by both! Edges were found and we made easy money while I completely ignored the top matchups that day, not because I wanted no business with them, I actually came up with projections and analyzed all of them, simply there’s was no edge and you certainly don’t want to put your money on something that’s not concrete.

So again, don’t bet a game because it is on TV or because you see a top ranked college teams in it. Smaller conferences, and smaller schools/programs teams is where the money is at. At least for a good percentage of the season. March Madness is completely different and with a lower amount of games you can find edges even when they are all top of the line teams and I’ll give you some tips on that going forward but during the season keep an eye on those smaller teams and conferences that nobody pays attention too and bank on them!