As this great year started, my email client list have been filled with a huge amount of new clients. We started the year like never before, winning more than ever and hitting our FIRST Friday Fun Big Parlay. I decided to share most of that for free for the first 15 days as promised. Now that we are together as a group/family I would like that anyone who is part of my clients list to be on the same page so that you never miss a play.

Whether it is an overnight play in Asia, a College Basketball bet in the afternoon or an NBA play to close the night. Here is what I would like to call the “9-3-12 schedule” for my 24/7 action. It can vary depending on the day and the scheduled games, but trying to stay consistent this is what you can expect.

USA Sports – Includes NBA, College Basketball, NCAAF, NFL and MLB when it comes back although with that one the dynamic with Baseball is a bit different and I’ll make sure you know in advance as everyday there is games at all times. For the rest, and on Weekdays plays will be out by 3:00pm Pacific/6pm Eastern unless specified. This excludes Weekends of course where all of my Plays will be out early, by 9:00am PT sometimes posted the night before.

Europe – Basketball or Soccer. These games will normally be played during the morning (PT). Because of the so much action during the weekend in US Sports I tend to just play these on weekdays where we have EuroLeague for basketball and Champions league action in Soccer. These plays are out as early as 9:00am on weekdays.

Asia – Basketball or Soccer. The new Favorite of many of you simply because the feeling of waking up to winners and money can’t be described. These of course have a way different time zone than most of us. All of them are overnight plays, games are usually between 2am Pacific Time and 5 am PT. South Korea, China or Japan Basketball, or maybe I find a gem in Soccer, these Plays will be out before Midnight Pacific time (12am)

Again, Summarized:

Europe: 9am PT Weekdays, Weekends mostly no action but if any around the same time.

US Sports: 3pm PT Weekdays/9am Weekends

Asia: By 12 am Pacific time. Overnight action.

Look for those key times, turning on notifications of my Twitter will also help if you are not an email based client. 9am – 3pm -12am whatever is not out by then won’t be released.

Also add ons, and second half Plays are not under this rule of course. Keep an eye on your emails or Twitter VIP so you don’t miss those either.

Thank You all for the support. Remember in 2018 we are treating sports betting like a business, be patience, be discipline and we will WIN!