As I continue to post content to make you not only a better sports bettor but also to change the mentality of seeing sports betting as a hobby and transform that into thinking of it as an investment and second income, I realized one of the ways for you to stay disciplined is by tracking your bets.

If you push yourself to stay disciplined and IN CONTROL at all times of your sport betting moves by tracking each bet you make including: date, size/amount, game, selection, sport/league etc you are positively getting yourself into a healthy and positive habit. It will help you with the discipline part but also you will be able to track performance.

Let’s be honest, if you are my client or not and I release a card and we go 4-0 and we are done for the day early, most of you ( I’m sure) still look for games to bet on late at night or early morning or you tail someone for an extra 2-3 Plays and lose it all. I understand everyone makes their own bets and that’s perfectly fine, but it needs to be limited, in control in some way to make sure your bankroll management and volume is on the right path.

Lack of discipline comes in when you are betting more than you should or when you are betting too much per play. Sometimes you will win those extra bets, perfect, but most of the time you will lose those simply because there’s no work or research behind it, you are going by feeling, what you heard or even worst you are tailing some Twitter capper (Lol).

So having a Bet Tracker is important and anyone, Pro or not who is into sports betting and see this as an investment opportunity and second income should try it. I know at the end we all care about the money, but for that reason we don’t want to blow it away! Seeing the big picture, daily tracking, performance review, which sport is hot, what adjustments you need to make etc etc is very very helpful.

I personally use one I built myself in Excel with colors and all kind of complicated stuff, but I did some research and found a pretty good one that I will be using as well as it’s Google Sheets so you guys can access my own results by me posting a link for you all to see my plays tracked on Twitter each day. But also for you, to start taking this serious if you love sports and money just like me it’s necessary and it doesn’t hurt.

Here it is, Download it here:

***You will need to do some tweaking on it, it comes with *instructions* and sample bets on it. All you need to do is follow instructions, clear the sample info, maybe eliminate some columns as it is from an Australian site and there’s extra stuff in it you won’t need and make it work perfectly for you. Shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes all together to set up and good to go!