It’s been almost 3 years now since I joined Twitter, quietly posting here and there and helping people to become better sports bettors and get better results. As I receive an avalanche of clients these past couple of days Twitter and email based (mostly email type because most people that seriously consider this an investment stay away from Twitter), so I decided to create a blog for everyone, new and old followers to refresh their mind where I would explain the dynamic of being a client of LordSportsPicks in 2018. If followed you won’t have a problem making sports betting a solid second income and joining LSP one of the best and cheapest investments of your life. Like any investment patience is KEY.


I would like to start here because it’s where I sort of put out how everything is going to be daily; what plays and how many plays to expect etc. Once you join LSP whether through the VIP Twitter or as an Email based client you will get medium sized volume. I won’t go pass 7 Plays a day and most of the time I will slowly be adding them depending on how we are doing for the day. You do get 24/7 action as I don’t only bet US Sports but also Overseas sports and leagues that I find exploitable and that includes Overnight Bets in Asian leagues and early morning European Basketball and soccer Bets.

Usually 1 Full Card a day, where I’ll post multiple picks at the same time. Then we will go from there, add ons and second half Plays are possible.


Friday Fun Big Parlays are a thing, one of the reason I gained following on Twitter was because of the so many big MLB Parlays I hit when I started. So we will do those again when MLB starts again and every Friday. Might throw a few loose ones even before MLB, maybe some basketball ones but normally we just crush and hit them in baseball because it’s a money line sport, tends to be easier. Parlays are done for fun, it’s not how I make a living or how pros in Vegas do it, but it’s a way for me to have fun and distract myself a bit from the usual routine and why not, a chance to put a little bit of money to win a ton! So careful with those, we only try them once a week.


Some days I will have a bigger amount of plays than others, might look like a lot and you can certainly play the amount of plays you can afford. I bet every game I think I have found an edge on, not always going to win there’s a ” human factor” in the outcome of each game but I know I have a reason to feel confident in a win because I put in the work. Cold runs happen and you are more than welcome to look out for your bankroll and stop until you see the winners flowing again. Bankroll management is key so it doesn’t matter if the previous play lost or won, every play win or lose on my mind is forgotten the moment that game is over and for you it should be the same way. Stay focused.

Can’t stress it enough, Bankroll Management is KEY. Right sizing on the bets ALWAYS regardless of if you won or lost the previous one. You are dealing with a guy that can get unlucky and have a 0-2 day and comeback the next day and go 6-0. Trust me, my long time clients know this. Nobody bounces back better than I do! So I need you “to live to see another day” in other words, if it’s a losing day let it be, don’t bet bigger or bet random games to recover on the same day. Make sure your sizing is appropriate based on your bankroll balance/size. Keep that in your mind when betting.


Currently there is not anymore Lifetime Memberships available, if you have talked to me about it before you might want to DM and see, but memberships available to any new clients will be based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages. Super affordable, and truly an investment that you can take advantage of. I’ll do all the work, I will still be the one waking up at 4am to narrow down games for the day to then work on them through the morning and rest of the day. I’ll be the one crunching numbers and getting headaches while you will be the one that will look for 5 seconds at my Tweet or Email and get picks to make you money throughout the day.

Prices goes as follow, if you are a Lifetime Member you have nothing to worry about:

  • Daily – $15
  • Weekly – $29
  • Monthly – $75

Any questions feel free to direct message me on any of the social media platforms or email me: