We finished our great 2017 year HOT and that’s exactly how we started 2018! Promised 15 Days of Free Picks to followers of LSPicks and did my job. For 2018 I’ll do something special. We still got some NFL Playoffs left which we are hitting at a 70%+ rate another amazing year at it and hoping just like last year to close it BIG with the Super Bowl. NBA is getting serious also and in College Basketball we are CRUSHING.

All that is beautiful right? But also I can already see baseball (MLB) in the horizon, isn’t that lovely? Morning to night action, full of games, our Friday MLB Big Parlays will be back and I cannot be more excited!

So my goal personally is to get to 1,000 Followers by the time MLB starts in April. VIP will get all access to my Plays 24/7 365 Days a year but I’ll also be giving out some free picks here and there for those who cannot afford to become clients. Not full card of plays but 1-2 Free Picks every now and then, plus the possibility of me sharing the first couple Friday Fun Big MLB Parlays for FREE and all of us going crazy when it hits.

I had about 10 followers when I hit my first big parlay 2 years ago, I was pretty much talking to myself on tweets no one was around and I kept posting my Plays and Big Fun Parlays until that first one hit and Twitter blowed Up. I had no idea how many people (none followers) where actually on the parlay with me and hit. The rest is history, double digits Parlays every season (just Fridays) a couple hundreds followers later and a nice big VIP Family on Twitter and Email based clients

So yes, that is my goal 1,000 Followers and as you know I don’t relate myself with any other “shitty” Twitter Cappers. They don’t put a plate of food on their table Betting sports or pay their bills thanks to it. Most have part time jobs and are not professional bettors although they claim they are.

I decided not to be part of that circus since day one, and I’m friends with NONE. Only information make me better anything else I don’t need so I guess I should have 2,000 followers by now had I connected with them or started some Twitter drama. But I’m going to stay quiet, do work in silence and let results speak for themselves along with the help of you guys I’m sure I’ll get there. I feel like I deserve to be helping a lot more people.

I’m setting Twitter on fire, how? Winning, winning and winning. Those who are my clients or recently became my clients will get the best of me this year. Buckle up and enjoy!!

*Only 1 Lifetime Spot available, one more person the rest will get offered monthly and weekly packages. All sports and leagues included.