Happy New Year 2018 to all of you! Haven’t made a blog post in a while, been working on a couple next level things like my own office in Vegas and also trying to be active on Twitter and the other social media platforms.

In this 2018, I want ALL of my followers, included VIP Clients to treat Sports Betting like a Business. A Business that in the long run will ALWAYS (with me) get you profits. How do you do that? Well organizing yourself a little: New Year, New Money, New Goals, New Everything!

  1. Set the proper bankroll amount
  2. Proper Unit Size (correct Amount Per bet according to the bankroll)
  3. Bet my Plays loyally whenever they are posted.

Important to know that the less attached you are to that money that you have now set as your bankroll the better. So don’t put your rent money, or your car payment money in there, just money you have on the side, extra or that you have been saving. It’s the best way to go, helps you be patience and consistent/disciplined.

Lastly, As you guys know I have been offering Lifetime Memberships to my original followers from the VIP Twitter which they have all taken advantage of. For this New Year 2018 I will be offering new and affordable daily, weekly and monthly rates/packages, BUT ALSO I will be taking The NEXT 10 people NOW and make them *LIFETIME MEMBERS*. Yes, you read that right. First 10 people to reach out to me can become LIFETIME MEMBERS with a ONE TIME Payment and NO further after that.

You can get added to the VIP, receive my plays through DM separately or email for the rest of your life with a one time payment. Then, I will be re opening the VIP Twitter to everyone else under daily, weekly and monthly rates as mentioned. Very affordable. Again if you are a Lifetime Member you don’t have to worry about any of that ever again!

There will also be a mentor ship option soon for those who want to learn a little about the art of sports betting. I will teach you my thought process, step by step and also guide you on how to place the right amount of Bets and dollars per play. I want to help as many people as possible in this 2018 and I want to do it RIGHT. Direct Message me if you have any questions.

Rates go as shown below:

Weekly: $25

Monthly: $75

*First 10 People Lifetime Member Special: $150