A couple weeks ago I introduced a new thing to my followers,  my newest gem, a precious piece I have been working on, following and studying for more than a year now. Like a Professional that has a Master Degree at something, there is always a Doctorate to follow. With me, something similar, I have dominated US Sports for years but always looking for more challenges and something that can take me to a higher level. That was European/Asia Basketball for me, it was time for me to release this monster I have had in a secret cage for sometime now.

I have not only built a database from these leagues for a long period, I also wake up early in the morning and go to my room filled with TV screens all over the wall and put these games on. I like the style of basketball, the format of the leagues and competitions, it’sbdifferent, it’s special. I have become addicted to it in a good way. 

Why is it so good for betting? There are clear tendencies and edges that can constantly be exploited, as good as the oddsmakers can be with NBA, NFL and other US Sports, since these leagues are not incredibly followed and bet in the US there are deep holes on those lines we can take advantage from, each and everytime. So I’m not willing to leave money on the table everytime I see an easy winner, whether an Under by 20+ points like yesterday or a favorite in Single digits that will cover by 20 points, I’m going for it all so I’m upping my bets/Units in almost every play making 2Units my standard minimum bet on these Plays. 

As you guys know I have “separated Markets” more targeting Europe/Asia people with these and keeping the VIP for USA Sports as it has always been. That way everyone is happy. Packages available from daily Top Graded Units Plays all the way for Full Season November to May/June. DM LordSporrs if interested. 

Includes – Europe

  • Italy 
  • Spain 
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  •  France, among the main leagues
  • EuroLeague 
  • EuroCup
  • Champions League

Asia/Oc Overnight Action Includes:

  • Japan 
  • Australia NBL
  • Korea KBL