Cruel ending to our #FreePick play yesterday where our Over 2.5 in the Atletico Madrid Game, and I owe you one for that one. We fell short by ONE goal, a goal we could have got for the last 40 minutes of the game. Over 30 shots, numerous Goalkeeper miracle saves and all sort of things kept us away from it, but it was a good play, it was the right play just unluckly and with that game a Top A Class team of Europe was surprisingly eliminated from the competition in Atletico Madrid.

But that was a standard sized regular 1 Unit bet, today after looking carefully at this match I have singled for sometime now, as a potential play I decided I am confident enough to make a bigger bet than usual.

Now as you guys know, I never have 10,15 or 20 Units plays, they don’t exist in real life, at least not in the life of a Pro Bettor, only in the minds on some Clowns Twitter Cappers.  You just have to work hard enough to make a 1 Unit be worth more than you ever imagined. Matter of fact, 1 of my Units is worth more than these guys 20 Unit bombs, but for today and for this play particularly I will call this my 2 Units bomb, and that’s saying something.

Regardless of the result, (you can’t never be results oriented) I like our chances on this game and I like how the market has responded to this selection. I am talking about the UEFA Champions League Match: Porto vs Leipzig.

Both in a 3 way fight with Monaco for that second place in the group that will allow them to advance to the next stage. They are a pair of very good offensive teams and this game invites for lots of back and forth action since it’s key for them to get a win. Their previous game ended 3-2 and I don’t see how this game does not end in a similar way given what is at stake. This could easily be a 5 Goals Game again and I’m projecting anything from 2-1/1-2 to wild scores like 2-2/3-2 because of what these teams can do with the ball

Set your Units right, bet to live another day but Cash this one with me as I am Confidently taking:

FC Porto vs Leipzig Over 2.5 -120 (2Units)  ✅💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰