During my time on Twitter which is not a whole lot, but enough for me to give a strong opinion on certain things related to my industry (Sports Betting) I have seen it all. I have seen frauds, I have seen bad Free Cappers, bad Touts and with the fingers of my hands I have counted good ones. Some Professional Bettors like myself. 

After talking with many of my followers for a year, when they come to me it seems they all have something in common that has gotten them to fail at sports betting before and I will share that with you so you can maybe identify yourself and stop doing it.
I decided to break it all down and analyze “GAMBLING TWITTER” by putting myself in the shoes of a follower, old, new or new to come follower that will read this later on. As them, I imagine myself trying to make some extra money sports betting. Since you are not an expert you TRY to go to someone that knows what they are doing, like you would go to a mechanic to fix your car when you don’t know what the hell is wrong with it. I know I use that example/comparison a lot but as someone that does not know “sht” about cars, I find myself going to a mechanic often, for every little thing! 

Ok, so during that effort of trying to find someone that will help you with sports betting, and make you some money on “GAMBLING TWITTER, you come accross A LOT of people. You start following many Twitter Cappers at the same time, for different sports and that’s the ONE mistake you will regret forever. You start tailing/playing/betting different plays from different Cappers. Yes, some of them might have had a good day, some on a good streak but everything in this industry falls into its place, percentages, winning rate and of course those who are cocky and brag about being the best get humbled down eventually. The majority of them are NOT Professional Sports Bettors, in fact a couple of the ones with the most following have a Full Time job because I know who they are and some have specified that themselves. So between ‘Part time’ Cappers and wannabes, you get yourself in trouble, DEEP trouble. 

Why? First of all,  they are not ALL going to run hot at the same time, if they aren’t any good they might not even get hot again before you lose all your bankroll. You start this dynamic of leaving each Capper after they had a bad day/week and find the next Capper to follow, that Capper has a great day, everyone Retweets and like his posts you follow him, one week later your bankroll is gone thanks to that amazing capper and your poor discipline and bankroll management. The next week you are half tailing the plays from one and the other half from another. Several bankroll busted later you comeback to find yourself doing the same thing just with different people. 

Free or paid you have to find the right person, and stick with him the whole way, why? Ideally, someone that lives from this, someone that EATS thanks to sports betting for a living. That person and only that person will make you money. You would have to ride the ups and downs because everyone have them, and every professional around the world whether in Vegas, in the states with offshore accounts or in Europe have bad streaks, but them and only them can get out of bad times and bounce back like a champion. 

Again, my advice, stop following so many Cappers, they aren’t good for having a good day or a good week, in fact they are not even good enough for having a good month! A great Sports Bettor is measured by how he beats the books long term, someone that has longer than imaginable periods of profits, those are the ones you need. When I started I had followers going 3-1/4-0 and such kind of days with me, only for me to find out later that some of those days ended 3-4/4-4 because they got into action with plays from other people. That means I made money for a whole week but they did not have the same numbers in units won as me, and many of my loyal followers or any profits at all because they were on plays from other people that lost. 

When you fix that problem, it is all about Bankroll management and discipline through it all and you will be ok. TRUST ME. 

I have said it before, I am not a writer, and my blog posts might contain spelling errors, even sound basic at times but it’s because I’m always trying to deliver a clear message to you all. I’m not saying I’m that person, I think you will get to that conclusion if I am or not, some has by now AKA my Twitter VIP and email based Clients (More than 230 today) but it doesn’t have to be me. Try it for a week, try it for a month. Find the ideal person and tail him through ups and downs and see the difference to when you were randomly placing bets from 5 different people at the same time. Maybe that way and only that way you will be able to cash out more than ever!