When I started on Twitter 2 years ago, I used to post All Sports picks for everyone including Parlays for FREE. I was a professional bettor for 5 years already at that time and after seeing what went on Twitter I decided to give it a try. I gained popularity by hitting MASSIVE Parlays that I was sharing and suddenly there I had a couple hundreds followers. 

Never connected with any other Cappers on Twitter which is the reason why I’m not as popular as many of them. In reality, nobody really know these people, they might be betting $25 buck the play but pretending they have been crushing for years and making you think they are good with a little hot streak, so much hipocrisy around as well. I decided then, I was going to make a name for myself and help as many people I could for free. 

Later that year, it became overwhelming. The amount of people, DMs, some people trolling or criticizing when I couldn’t be as perfect as the day before, people stealing plays to sell forward etc that I decided to create a Private Twitter, today our VIP Twitter, where I would only be helping serious individuals to make money by charging a very small fee. Only those who were interested in making a second income and grinding with me. About 50 came over and I was the happiest man in the world for being able to stay within a small group of people that today I call a family. 

Everything kept growing when I introduced the email based option which I use to send the plays to my very original clients in Vegas, big ballers who pound the casinos every day. A group of 8 people, mostly poker players and businessmen. Today we got a total of almost 200 clients, 200 friends, 200 family members for me between Twitter, Email and Personal clients. 

Recently I decided to make a package that covers our best sport from last year, FOOTBALL. I decided also I was going to have a $150 giveaway to start the football season ( tweet is up right now you can participate) I wanted to go back to my essence, to the very beginnings where I just wanted to help people for free or almost nothing. The package will go from September 1st 2018 all the way to February 4, 2018 covering all football and all sports picks for $0.66 cents a day approx. Thats over 150 days, let’s make it 150 x $0.66 cents = $99 round it to $100 because there is more than 150 days. 

5 months of action, all sports picks and Parlays for $0.66 cents a day. Now ask yourself how many of these Cappers selling football packages for $150 a WEEK, selling day cards for $30 a day are willing to get paid $0.66 for their “hard worked” plays. NONE. As everyone goes Tout, as you can see if not give it sometimes as they are all now experts and “can’t wait” for football season, you will see the difference in their prices compared to mine but most importantly you will see the difference in the winning % at the end of the season compared to mine. Why are the prices so different? Simple, I am a PRO Bettor with the intentions to HELP, I make a living off betting sports, I had money before I started on Twitter, I have money now, I have always had it.

My next step from here would be to teach people how to handicap games, how to break them down and make their own solid picks, but that’s another topic and something I am working on for the future, something that won’t have you paying EVER again another Capper. Because at the end of the day that was my goal, to help people make this their second income and that will be my Final Mission.