In the past blog post I gave out a couple important tips to stay the course during football season and succeed with me all the way until the end along with all of the other sports that will be up and running. Some of you might have got confused on the part where I recommend having at least TWO Sports books available at the time to place a bet, one Sharp book and one Square book. In this blog post I would give you a clear recent example of what I meant by that.

As some of you know there are books with high limits that take big bets from Sharps that move lines. Those books are perfectly aware of these people being able to beat the books and win lots of money, but they accept these bets to create some balance. There are also books that focus mostly on bringing and keeping Squares, “average joes”, Public, however you want to call them that will keep losing and depositing over and over again. They also do take big bets but they make sure they flag those Sharps they have in there, put lower limits and try to keep as few of them as possible.

Bovada is one my favorite Square Sports book, they will have total Overs higher than anyone else and move the lines themselves knowing a point higher could mean huge winnings for them against the Public. Therefore they become the PERFECT book for people like you and me to bet on when going against the Public. Either we are betting on an underdog in baseball, we can get good plus money, or if we are betting on the Spread in a football game, we will also have Half point, a full point or more or less in our favor if we are going against public. Also totals, works beautifully when betting totals as well.

For example, Today (8/27) we had an NFL Preseason game Bengals vs Redskins where we had an Under total points as our play, most books in the market had the game at 42.5 and 43, Bovada had it at one point up 45! Although 44 and 43.5 being available for most part until game time. That is a 2.5 pts difference from the market and ultimately 1 or 1.5 full points at closing or close to game time.  Public obviously on the Over, with a higher number, decreases their chances to win an Over but just like it does that to them, it increases ours to hit the Under which we knew was the right play. Therefore it is a HUGE advantage to have such a Square book available for us. They won’t get hurt, for each one of us they have 10 average joes betting the other side or more.

Now, if we were to have an Over in a certain game, we wouldn’t want to be looking there. Find yourself a sharp book like Bookmaker or 5Dimes. With the same example, if we get an Over for the total of the game we would hit the 42.5 or 43 on those books instead of 44-45. To close this short but very important post let me tell you, if you don’t think half a point, 1 full point or 2 for spread or totals are important in sports betting, talk to me at the end of the season (Lol) These games are perfectly calculated by odds makers, factoring in EVERYTHING like the sharpest of the sharpest bettors in the world and with slight deviation you will see all the lines will open, move and close right very close to the actual total of the games most of the time. Those applies for all other sports, where you can see a difference in the lines or price which is also VERY important, you do want to have both type of books available. “Sharpen” yourself and get all set in ready to crush with me this season!