We are just days away from the official football season to start! Most exciting time of the year because it happens to be the time that not only College and NFL football start but also the time when almost every single professional sport is on. MLB in their late season stages + playoffs, football as mentioned starting everywhere, the best soccer leagues and competitions around the world are officially up and running and NBA comes in later during that long period! So many great choices to make money on!

Focusing on football mainly for this one post but the advice here will definitely apply to all the sports we are going to be betting on in the next months. The way to succeed for this football season and the next months loaded with volume of bets and great value from different sports is to follow the next couple of tips I will be providing:

  1. Patience and Discipline – I cannot stress this enough! It is the key to almost everything in life. If you are not a millionaire after so many years doing what you do for a living neither you will reach that level by sports betting from one day the other, from a week to another or a month. It takes time to make a significant amount of money in sports betting. You have to beat the books, their closing lines and deal with many other things such as luck/variance. So now that you know that I cannot make you a millionaire in a couple months, having that out of the way it is all about keeping your composure and understanding sports betting. Look at this from the start as a second source of income, set aside some money, make it your official bankroll and join me for a long profitable ride.
  2. Bankroll Management – Just as important as Patience and Discipline is Bankroll Management. If you want to bet $1,000 a play make sure you work for your bankroll to reach such levels. The key is staying alive and live to see another day. Therefore, you don’t want to put all your money in on any certain day. You should only be betting 1-5% of your bankroll on each play. When you are tailing a solid winning player like myself (proven for over a year on Twitter) you are going to end up with a lot of money at the end of the year/season. But if you don’t bet correctly, you can bust in one week whenever we get on a bad streak and your dream will be over. Also it will allow you to bet the multiple sports and plays that we will be having daily/weekly. Some days we might crush Baseball and Soccer, some days we might crush football and basketball, some days we might crush all of them and have the biggest days of our lives. Nothing is guaranteed and the goal is to get as close as possible to hitting 60% on all sports. So make sure you make correct use of your bankroll and you will be counting BIG money with me at the end.
  3. Sports Books – You do want a reliable book, you do want a place with fast payouts but you also want to have the best possible lines to get from a Book. Lines that favor your plays and that you can get at very nice prices. In all sports, but football specifically a half point (.5) can be CRITICAL, very important. Could be the difference between your team covering the spread or losing, could be the difference between getting a PUSH or losing your bet completely. That also goes for Overs and Unders. I personally use a Square book (mostly recreational bettors in it) and a Sharp Book ( books that take sharp action and move lines accordingly). Depending on my bet I will be able to grab the best line available between them to maximize my chances to win and also my return/profits. I am currently using Bookmaker/Heritage as the sharp books and Bovada as the Square one. All of the following books have been used by myself, I have deposited, cashed out fast and successfully from each of them and before you getting any “Twitter bookie or local” I strongly recommend you to make an account with any of these to keep your money safe and take advantage of the lines just like I do:
  • Bovada – In general the best overall experience. Wide variety of options to bet on sports and leagues. Fast lighting payouts. Great when betting against the multiple (Sharp plays) we can take big advantage by betting some of our plays there. If you don’t have an account there yet, they give out their Sign Up bonuses in CASH which is a great way to pad your bankroll from the start.
  • Bookmaker – My #1 Favorite Sport Book. Sharp as a knife, high limits, great lines, fast payouts, great features absolute stunning interface easy to use and a wide variety of options. They have Free Play Bonuses and Cash bonuses both available. Extra bonuses such as 100% Bitcoin match bonus, reload and others as well. 100% Recommended, solid book and company.
  • Heritage Sports – Solid sharp book with high limits. Fast payouts, great features. They move lines as fast of as the best books in the world and overall a great experience. All sports and leagues to bet on available.
  • 5Dimes – My long time favorite, still have an account there with a solid bankroll. Super Fast Payouts and great customer service. Wide variety of sports and leagues to bet on.
  • GT Bets – One of the most recent ones I have tried. Solid service, CASH Bonus for those interested. Immediately added to your account. Square book in my opinion but great overall lines and very fast payouts.

Just a quick little description next to all of them. As you can see it was all mostly focused in lines and payouts. I am aware you guys need to be 100% comfortable with a sports book having your money and with the ones mentioned above your money is 100% SAFE. You can take money out fast and as many times as you want without any problems. Multiple methods available as well in all of them so you can choose the one that fits you best. If you don’t have an account with any of them but you are interested, with football coming up this is the time to get on and take advantage of those with Cash bonuses and free plays that get added immediately to your accounts ready to start using.

I was once in your position, with a regular job or going to college with the dream of making sports betting the way I make a living or at least a solid side income so I know how important is a nice Cash bonus to start your journey and pad your bankroll. If you have any questions about any of this books, feel free to contact me on Twitter since I will be able to answer anything from experience.

**For those who are relatively new I have been on Twitter for 1 year and a half. Got ” famous” got some following by hitting big MLB parlays often then went on to crushing Soccer, NBA and closing NFL THE BEST Season ever with our Super Bowl pick the Patriots. We absolutely crushed and it is the reason why today a year+ later I have so many clients from all over the world. Most of whom I send my plays through email, about 75%-80% of them the rest are on a Private Twitter I just created and will continue to add more as the big part of the year approaches. I am thankful for the support, I am thankful for the following on both of my twitter accounts and the great family like relationship I have built with my clients/followers. Looking forward to add many many more people to this big family and continue to help you all making money together. Let football season begin and let’s destroy the bookies and get all their money!!