Hello guys! I decided to do a challenge for those Degens out there so you all can see the reality of a sports bettor with bad bankroll management. Now the bad bankroll management will be there but we will be using our best plays to survive and see how far we go! We will start by betting at least one game per day, $100 dollars per game which is where the bankroll management part starts as you should never be betting $100 dollars when you just have $1,000. Variance, and sports betting in general will take care of you if you are not a winning player eventually!

So we will bet each play, $100 dollars each basically that means we got 10 bullets which is way less than we should have for a bankroll. You will see me hopefully running that $1k up, but maybe sometimes you will see me battling bad streaks, getting back on track and pushing forward. Let’s see how far I can go! Again I will be using my most confident plays to try to just win win win and get us through the first obstacle which is the $2k mark. Should be fun I’ll track it and probably post updates of it here on the blog.

My clients will be notified through email which is the play I will be using for the challenge so that they can know what I’m most confident about, although they should still be betting it the same way as the other ones.

I don’t discard busting for $1k if I’m betting $100 per game a bad streak can put me half way into hell but the fighting back part and finding ways to survive should be exciting. Ideally I will just turbo win and get myself into the $2k mark but if I don’t I will just be achieving my goal which is to show you how hard it is to succeed in sports betting without the correct bankroll management and betting size.

Let’s have some fun, let’s do this!