Want to start clarifying what happened to my VIP Twitter… This past week, I momentarily lost my Private Twitter due to some technical problems I would like to say, but in reality somebody was trying to hack or did hacked my VIP Account @GoodBetsVIP for a bit. Got it solved… It might not seem like a big deal but that account is were everything started and has a special meaning to me. So many Parlays, amazing winning days and memories I would not like to forget or lose including the followers. Thankfully I recovered it today and I’m twice as happy, of course with our big 5-0 Day today! 

Now, talking about today’s amazing results, I was definitely due but I just had so much people that jumped on board until September during this week, so many people that just came across my Twitter and I had to prove that all the pictures of the parlays hit, and Big winning days sweeps posted about etc weren’t photoshop or fake. This wasn’t a parlay, we have hit a good amount half way into the season and we will continue to try to hit many many more! Now that I think about it, today’s 5-0 plays should have been! Grrrr  All seriousness, there was a need for me to deliver this day just like it happened, BIG, 2 Free Winners included for the Public that were just passing by to grab some free winners and a 5-0 Sweep for all of my Twitter clients, new and old ones. EVERYONE Happy! 

Since day one I expressed my intentions to help everyone as much as I can with sports betting and anything related. Whether you wanted to learn how to do it yourself or you wanted me to show you the money day to day with my picks. Although right now there is a “small fee” to be part of my VIP action, at the end we all pay someone to do or help us do things that we don’t know of and I hope you understand that because it is hard work, I have made a routine that you guys are now part of where I wake up everyday at 7am (that’s why it seems I never sleep) to look at the whole sports picture for the day, crunch numbers and narrow down the choices as I get information throughtoht the day to then make the official picks and make sure you all, my VIP Clients each and every single one of you on that list get them on time through email. Just like you pay a mechanic when your car is broken, or a Doctor one way or the other when you are sick, or a lawyer if you have to go to court or a maid to clean your house! I’m actually cheaper and the only one of all of them that can help you MAKE MONEY (Lol) 

Some of you have been part of this for over a year now, we have done great things together, I have showed you winning days and amounts of money in Parlays that you probably have gotten before but NEVER hit more consistently. I welcome you to continue to be part of my amazing journey, it’s barely getting started.

Thank you so much for the trust, let’s keep doing great things together. This is a marathon not a sprint, a saying used a lot in sports betting that I hate so much, maybe because it is so true, but I’ll show you the green $$ at the finishline everytime.