As many of you know by now, I just announced we will literally have one daily fun parlay from now on. Now the reality is that Parlays, as advised by many sports betting related website are for losers. It is hard to go perfect often, a 3-1 day will make you lose a parlay but will make you tons of money if you bet them singles. Now, that would be the mentality for someone who is just starting to do this and is looking to do it for a living. You can STILL do it for a living and have some fun like me on daily basis. At the end you are not even risking 1 unit, you are supposed to go 0.5u or less. With our crazy ones maybe it is even ideal to go 0.1u to win a full 1 Unit or more. Nothing to go crazy about but, for so little you could win so much!

We are on pace to DOUBLE the amount of parlays hit last year ( just Fridays) on both years and we are almost half way with that which is VERY impressive given how wild baseball have been this season. Totals probably reaching an all time average high with almost every game at 9 and 10 runs set for overs and unders which implies high scoring crazy games where any team can basically win. So that give us a lot of credit for being able to hit so many so far with such high paying odds.

We are supposed to LOSE more than we win parlays and that is for sure, the hit rate will be nothing better than 50% and that is fine, odds and high payouts when we hit will make it all worth it. So if you are interested in getting my daily parlay (besides Friday) just reply to my email once I send you the plays for the day. So let’s say I send you plays on Tuesday as single straight bets as usual and you can take/afford more action and you want to try and go for the parlay, then all you need to do is to reply to my email. If you lose and next day or two days after you cannot take the action or you are simply not interested just don’t reply and you will be just fine. It is not something I will be tracking just like I do with the straight bet plays, but something that if we somehow succeed we will be in a really great spot in terms of profit.

Also, some of you do this as a hobbie and don’t mind some fun while you get through with your day. If that is the case then you won’t be betting all my singles on a daily basis for big amounts but can definitely put $50 to win $500.00 everyday without major damage or whatever. Other than that we will continue grinding our MLB Season, it is a long one and what only matters is like in a boxing fight, have the hands lifted up at the end of the last round. Best of Luck to everyone, let’s CRUSH!