You can either look it up or experience it yourself, the break even percentage in sport betting is 53% because of all the “juice”. So if you are hitting half of your plays (50%) You are losing money. Then every percentage Over that ideal 53% becomes BIG, it means tons of money for Professional Sports Bettors each and every single one of it. If on top of that, some of those plays that take you over that percentage include + money odds like the ones we play in Soccer and sometimes in MLB it is even BETTER!

Below or Above not sure where this screenshot will end up being on this post, is a picture of our first week or so where I started taking clients from Twitter. We are hitting a clean 60%, better known as HEAVEN for Pro Bettors, most can’t stay there for long, ideal best is around 57%-59% which if you traduce into Cash and Units it is more than enough for all of them (most of them in Vegas) to make a living.

If you think you can beat that percentage long term yourself try doing it as a challenge, maybe not really putting money on them but track at least 100 of your bets for a long period of time and tell me what you come up with. It is an exercise I like to do with the newest of my big money clients from outside, I recommend apps like SportsAction or Onside Sports where they can pick games and track their record. I am sure that after good and bad streaks you will be really close to break even, and that hoping you did not played juiced plays of -150 and up because if you lose some of those you are CRUSHED in terms of money/Units Lost.
Now, what we are hitting here is a complete dream, usually I will have 2Units and up plays but for tracking purposes I am keeping everything at $1k which is my standard bet size or 1 Unit, but there might be 2 or 3 of those plays where I went up a bit more than $1k. Also, ANYTHING that is profit and not losing money is good for me as a Pro. There is already enough money in the bank, so saving myself from a bad week or slightly profiting in it, is just as good for me. Although on this one, I cannot call it slightly profiting when I made over $6k (closer to $10k when adjusting actual units bet) It was a great week and glad it was as it was the first one taking clients from Twitter.

When you have a nice gap like that in your winning record it represents A LOT of money, even if your betting size is really small, for that amount that you are betting it really represents A LOT of money. I wish I could sign a paper that guarantees those results I just showed you for the rest of my life instead of having any bad weeks or profiting slightly less than that. It would mean me getting $6k to $10k every week instead of losing any money if I happen to have any bad week. If you bet $100 per game in singles, that means I’ll make you $600 a week, EVERY week for a long term. Of course that will likely take you to the next level AKA going up in Units size, so you will be betting more and you will be making way more than that after a little while.

Before I started doing this, when I was working on a fast food 7-8 years ago, 18 years old, I always thought that 53% would be really easy to hit, so I started picking games, putting money on them and chasing to only find out I was no where even close of that damn 53% and I was losing my hard worked fast food earned money! Then I realized this is not about throwing darts or guessing games, you will get burn eventually. Yes, start picking  games now and you will find you can get on a hot streak quickly, do it for 100 games and you will see your record is as ugly as you ever imagined. There is a lot of work behind every pick, every single detail is counted and even after all that, it is humans “trying to catch/hit a ball” for example in Baseball who decide what the result is going to be.

So I appreciate your trust, this is what I do, and I’m glad I can help you all for almost nothing a week. I could have showed you an Excel document with a fake record or fake plays to impress but this is the REALITY of Sports Betting and most in Las Vegas right now and around the world would die for a week like this. My followers/clients from Twitter received thiese plays and they can vouch they are real, Wins and Losses. Could have been better? Yes, there is a bunch of Bad Beats in there, matter of fact you see little streaks in red there but also look what are they surrounded by. Every time we had a bad start or day with bounce back/turned it around as soon as we could. It was really an amazing week and glad I was able to make you all money.

Stay tuned, will be sending all my plays tomorrow to each and everyone of your emails. If interested, email me: