There we were, Bottom of the 6th inning we got Rockies Moneyline our pitcher was throwing a NO HITTER, NO HITS pretty much a perfect game and he decides to WALK the leadoff batter which was… Padres Pitcher! How awful is that! Well that’s how the nightmare started, top of the order, next guy broke the No Hitter with a Triple, then a Double, Home Run, Home Run and my eyes couldn’t believe what was happening! Just like that the game from a great pitching duel Rockies winning 1-0 to Padres being up 6-1! UNREAL! 

It’s part of this business, it wasn’t definitely a bad beat but when you have a pitcher so locked in like Chatwood through 5 innings last night and then see such a meltdown you feels like it! 

I have to confess, I had Rangers in the card and ended up scratching them out, now that was a BAD BEAT! I stayed away last minute, and replaced them with Rockies (Lol) Rangers started the game up 5-0, then 5-3 next thing you know somehow they lost 8-7 in the last innings again. That’s the beauty of baseball and what makes it so unpredictable. It just takes ONE big inning, whether it is the 1st or the 9th for you to be out of the game, but I truly enjoy it, LOVE IT! 

We definitely move on wasn’t a bad day, we hit the nice soccer play and the Nats Over for an even record day but let those be our bad days because nobody have all green days! Looking forward for today, the rest of the week including the Friday Fun Parlay!