First BIG Day where I have all my original clients receiving plays along with all the many Twitter followers that decided to join today (5/1/2017) and what do I do? Lock in ANOTHER Profitable day!! 99% of the Private Twitter is in that list along with a a couple dozens from the public Twitter and some old ones that came back. I honestly did not expect this support and so many people that jumped on board. Like I said, another profitable day and expect many like this, of course there might be a bad one here and there nobody can be perfect in this industry, but trust me I work for every day SWEEPS! Today we were really close to another one only losing one out of all of our plays in Astros Over 8.5 by “Half run”!! Game finished 6-2 but we got to cash our two other plays (Braves Over 8.5 and Marlins Under 8) for a very nice profitable day. Can’t wait until Friday for our Parlay!! Hopefully we can keep celebrating and hit another big one!

I had a couple people message me so excited that they had an opportunity to keep receiving my plays even if it was through this new methods and under those conditions, but have to say there was ONE and just ONE person I don’t want to call out that did not saw with good eyes what I am doing but like I mentioned in the Private Twitter I will be back just like before posting there on August once this whole personal process, beautiful one by the way is done. I guess that person was following many touts during my short little break and that ended up messing up his bankroll  and his mood! I always said I wanted to help, and listen if you have ever sit down to look at a game for an hour, stats, numbers, match ups and some inside info I might get you have NO IDEA of how difficult and exhausting this is! Yet I decided to be FREE all first 3-4 months last year 2016, then $10 bucks then the private Twitter. I have given TOO many winners and Parlays for you to ever doubt about me.

All I am asking is for you to “pay me” 2 Big Mac Combos from McDonald’s (taxes included) every week (LOOLL) If you got in today right before I send the MLB Picks or the 29th/30th that I started this, you already made your money back by far because I don’t have many betting $20 here and the best is yet to come with just the start of the week more sports and the Friday Parlay coming!  And this is all while I am done and back to the Private Twitter in August. I really never understood, if you have a problem with the justice you cant really do a good job defending yourself, you get a good lawyer. If you have a health problem, you don’t cure yourself, you get the best doctor available to check you and advice the best for you. If for any reason, you don’t have the skills or don’t have the time to correctly handicap a game and WIN consistently why would you criticize anyone who’s is GOOD and is sharing his hard work to help you EVEN if he was to ask for a donation or offer it as a service for “pennies”This technically is now a service but it shouldn’t be for long as explained and the reason you all jumped in with me as soon as I announced it? Because you have been MONTHS if not a year with me! WINNING. So although this is strictly directed to one person, I really hate ungrateful people and have to let it out. You can work the games yourself or follow the shitty Cappers there is out there. SIMPLE

I don’t know if you can call me a tout for now, I like Sports Consultant Better but the reality is that BOTH make a living out of selling their picks. With what I am “charging” YOU guys, that all together does not even complete 1 Unit of my Bankroll so you tell me if I am trying to live from this or just stick to what I been doing and making a living off which is betting and killing the bookies! You all already know me and what I can do, you either get in or wait until I am back because this is after all a little extra sacrifice I am doing to keep you guys going with my plays. I have a college kid that I showed you guys in a picture that went from $122 dollars deposited in Late February/March to a clean $2,000 he cashed out half and now he has a solid bankroll to keep going. Those are the people I like to help and care about, he knows better than anyone what I can do and how I have helped him. He strictly focused on betting my plays because at the end if I am a winner and I profit he will do the same.

Just wanted to let that out, I thank you all for your trust, list is just MASSIVE was not expecting you all to jump in! I will keep feeding you EVERYTHING I AM ON 24/7 Soccer, MLB, NBA you decide what you want to play and what you feel comfortable betting. I will continue to post random stuff in here just because late at night is when I have time for myself and I get bored. Also want to keep the blog going just because you never now what I can potentially convert it on in the future. Thank you all again, Stay tuned tomorrow for more!