I have received TONS of questions lately about if I really just went Tout or not. The reality is, not really. Technically I was one but not for Any of you or anyone on Twitter because if you were part of my private Twitter that I been having for a year now, you Remember that I work for a group of 8 people (poker players/bussinessmen from Las Vegas) that I serve as a sports consultant and I’m on a contract with them. 

I created Twitter last year (2016) @LordSportsBets with the idea of helping as many people as I could, I do this for a living and I’m grateful for it so I wanted to give back in some way. I knew I could help a whole bunch of you make money, and I did! All was free until I created the private Twitter once people started stealing my plays and touting them for ridiculous amounts of money. They knew who I was, they knew they finally got a legit Sports Betting Pro that was being generous and was sharing plays that they can, not only profit from if they bet them but even more if they sell them. So for my intentions of helping people not to die I decided to create a private Twitter where I would be charging $10-$30 for a couple months to grant access to it and my plays that way sort of avoiding this people from stealing, while keeping it cheap for those who trusted me and I knew where starting low and betting small amounts, and of course it helped keeping everything under control. 

Well, it was a success, I cut down the stealing of plays and people selling them forward for ridiculous prices and I helped A LOT of great people which is what makes me the most proud. That Twitter was @GoodBetsVIP which I plan to be back on one day. 

The Lord vs Free Twitter Cappers vs Bad Touts

This is exactly where I wanted to get! Most of you reading this right now have been with me either on my public or private Twitter for over a year now. A year of straight winners and big Parlays cashed. I took you by hand starting with MLB in 2016 we absolutely CRUSHED IT, hitting Big Friday Fun Parlays left and right and crushing with an unreal record, then I introduced you to my NFL capping skills, we hit almost everything all the way up to the Super Bowl, yes we had the Patriots winning! Later I introduced you to Soccer, wow, an American facing Account trying to get all these guys to bet on Soccer which is not that followed, well I gave everyone the biggest winning run of their life hitting + money odds plays as shown (like everything else) in tickets and pictures posted. NBA and CBB came, although with more ups and down,  it was all green at the end and here you have me, a year later, ALL Sports conquered and crushing baseball again. We just hit a big Friday Fun Parlay recently, I’m hitting singles left and right Daily on MLB and I just gave you all an Easy Winner through email. I think I don’t have to mention I have proven to be the most complete Capper. 

Free Cappers? They are free for a reason, they are trying to gain followers and popularity for other specific reasons, they all have a plan behind. They either get plays from other Twitter Cappers, guess games or simply do not put in any work. Even if they have a full week of hot picks NOBODY works so hard for free, there is a dark plan behind it all even if it is to become a Bad Tout after 1 decent week, (not a year of proven winners like me) but 1 week or maybe even a month. Like I have mentioned before months ago in one of my post: FREE is not Good, Good is not FREE. Unless it is The Lord offering picks to you for free (Lol)

Just think about it, who that is really a Professional in this industry is all Day on Twitter posting free picks? I don’t think there is ONE Sharp Bettor in this world posting Free Picks, 95% of them probably don’t even have a Twitter account. Free Cappers eventually fall from the spot in heaven people stupidly put them simply because most have no skills and won’t win enough in the long run. You can jump from one to the other to realize you have spend all your life losing money simply by following something that was out there free. You won’t take free food from a stranger’s house you pass by correct? Although there might not be anything bad in it, it will just make you sick if it has ingredients your body is not accustomed to, you will end up in the bathroom (Lol) 

Bad Touts

These are definitely the worst in terms of losing you money, double the money! Free Cappers will lose you tons of money but you will still comeback because it is free, Bad Touts will do both for you, lose you the money you pay them and make you lose more with their picks. Most Start as Free Cappers, get a little hot streak and become this. They are likely people sitting all day in underwear in their one bedroom apartment trying to get you and many others to pay for their “service” so that they can pay their rent or use your money for betting as they don’t count with a solid bankroll, simply because they suck, they don’t win or bet as big as they say. Their prices range from $50 a day to $500 a month and most will at best break you even because they know if they put in the work and do ok, you will comeback and help them pay the rent. TERRIBLE!

In reality FREE is not good, Bad Touts Either just make sure you surround yourself with THE BEST. If you have a problem with the justice you want the best lawyer by your side, if you have a disease you want the best doctor available for you, if you  want to build nice house you want the best construction company at your order. If you don’t have the skills, work on them, get better at this or find people that are really good at this and can help you make money. Just like you have someone help you if you were to invest on stocks or make any other investment. This should not be a hobbie because we all do this for money and losing money is not fun.

I appreciate all of your trust since day one, I had a blast on Twitter and those who believed what I was and later joined the Private Twitter can have a chance to help me continue helping them for pretty much nothing as I get through this beautiful process of life of becoming a father. I will be sending all my plays through email, if you would like to become one of my clients let me tell you that only if you were once on the Private group you will be able to get in by paying  me 2 Big Mac Combos of Mcdonals a week. Only those 50 that were on the private group can get in because you guys are like family and make me better in what I do. 

If interested you can send me an email: lordsports365@gmail.com