MLB Friday Fun Parlays 

These Friday Fun Parlays were created for exactly that, FUN! I am probably the ONLY Capper sharing these long shots Parlays because I’m not afraid of losing and mark them with an ❌❌ at the end of the night. As you can see in my public account pictures we hit a ton of them last year! With that said you should ONLY be playing them if you can afford to RISK a couple bucks. You can use your own bankroll or set some extra money aside to be part of the fun. TRUST ME, when they hit they are SWEET. I got a few people in the group that can tell you about it! 

Nobody goes broke betting these FUN Parlays we do on Fridays at +1000 odds or more or just shy of that. I don’t want to see anyone betting these Parlays like they are the lock of the year. If I had a crystal ball and could know which 4-5 plays will win easily every Friday as a Parlay I would probably be selling them in Vegas to big money bettors (LOL) 

I would recommend not betting more than Half Unit (0.5u) as the odds are crazy so the payout is GREAT. 

With Each Parlay, 1 or 2 of those plays will strongly be selected to be Bet as individual plays for the day apart from any add ons. Those are the ones we should be focusing on hitting while we have fun sweating the Parlays because those are the ones we will be using our normal betting size to make money everyday. 

🛑We will hit some, we will lose some but I wanted to share with you guys something I do to sort of reward myself, Sports betting on a daily basis could get boring when you do it for so long so Friday Fun Parlays have been my way of getting out of my routine and have fun. May we hit a ton this year!! Good luck us! 
**If you are not in yet, to be part of Friday Fun Parlays and my daily picks follow my private account @GoodBetsVIP (DM First)!