As many of you know baseball is finally approaching… My Twitter account LordSportsBets started during baseball season last year many of you have been with me since day one some of you jumped on the train during that period. We ABSOLUTELY crushed last season hitting just over 60% and hitting 11+ of Our now Officially Famous Friday Fun Parlays (only played Fridays at +1000 odds or better) You can go to my very first pictures on that account as it’s been almost a year, to look at some of the parlays we hit last year. Baseball is hard itself but hitting Baseball parlays is 10xx harder and doing it for you was just MASSIVE and probably the reason why I quickly gained some followers.

Well, this season will be no exception! We will have our daily single plays starting with the Opening day coming up, we will also have OF COURSE our Friday Fun Parlays. Looking to hit as many as possible for you all! To have access to that don’t forget to DM me and or follow @GoodBetsVIP which is my private account where I already have a decent amount of followers and there is a requirement to get in. As far as my public Twitter, I will still be sharing FREE Daily plays every now and then but Of course Friday Fun Parlays are like a trademark and won’t be shared for the public.

Another thing, don’t forget with our Friday Fun Parlays, if we hit one on that Friday, we will go for another one next day, and so on until we don’t. It is FUN, trust me! Odds are good, so payouts are good for a small amount risked and it is exciting to sweat the games all of us together.

*Baseball I won’t say is my best sport, this is sports betting, one year it could be NBA the next could be Baseball or Soccer or NFL which we just crushed all the way up to the Super Bowl. But, baseball is the sport that makes me look good long term because I have 162 games or 2,430 games total for all teams all season long. Therefor I have much more cushion and “space” to work with.

Definitely a big time profitable sport, I always try to improve and break my own “records” year after year so I’m very excited and looking forward to hit the same or a better win rate % and many many more Parlays as it will be possible simply because we didn’t start Friday Fun Parlays right away last year.

Hope I get as many of you to jump on board, my Private Twitter is nothing out of this world, just follow/DM me to get in and I will see you on the other side!