As you guys know it is very important to have a solid trusted Online Sport books. A good online sport books should offer great lines/odds, great bonuses for new players, FAST Payouts and Live Betting action among other things. I shop a lot for the best lines, I have a bankroll in multiple sites so at the time to make a bet I have a wide option of choices to make my bet with the current best lines. These are my top 4 Sports Betting sites, Available in the US and most of the World. Feel free to ask any questions about any of them by messaging me on Twitter @LordSportsBets:

  1. GT Bets100% CASH BONUS when you sign up, instant boost to your bankroll. That means that as soon as you deposit, they will match up your amount and it will become available in CASH in your balance. That also means that once you place a bet with that extra money BOTH your winnings and the bet amount comeback to you, versus all of the other sites that will give you the bonus in free plays where you can only get the winnings if any. Lots of sports betting option, this is where I bet all my sports, especially Soccer where as you guys have seen I find all those delicious PLUS Money Lines. It is a newer, smaller site compared to others in terms of traffic but for that reason lines are super friendly and you can take advantage of that! Also Super Fast payouts with a wide variety of options from bank wires, bitcoin, Quick Cash etc. All very fast, quick process get approved and your money will be in your hands within a couple days.
  2. BetOnline – Bet Online is one of my favorite websites simply because it has lots of action. You can bet all kind of sports, and props and the lines are very solid. There every unimaginable thing to bet on that site, Props are one of their strongest thing, always great to have. Their bonuses are given in free plays and it is matched up to 50-75% of your deposit. I consider it a sharp sports book because they get a lot of big money action, lines are still always friendly and the options are multiple for you to bet and make money. Payouts process is just amazing, super fast, Bitcoin payouts are FREE and you can cashout as many times as you one. Other options have a small fee but the processing time is still as fast. You could get your money in 48 hours or less.
  3. 5Dimes – For me, the King of all sports books in lines. One of the sharpest sport books, awesome variety of options to bet on each game. Usually will have a drop down box where you can buy points, get other lines options, higher/lower totals etc etc. Their bonuses are not as good, they won’t match it to the amount of your deposit, they would give you half in free plays that you have to then release by betting your starting balance amount. Probably the only bad thing about it but everything else is just great. At the end if you are here to make money, releasing that bonus shouldn’t be that hard and you can definitely take advantage of those free plays. Payouts, are the fastest, bitcoin takes less than 24 hours and it is free, other methods less than a couple days to get the money in your hands.
  4. Bovada – One of the first sports betting site available for US players. Great Site, another site that gives you a CASH BONUS once you sign up that money is added immediately in Cash to your balance. You can use it to place your bets and both your bet amount and winnings go to your balance. No free plays bonus which is good, ALL Cash and All for you. Great way to boost your bankroll. Also right there with 5dimes for the fastest in payout speed, lots of options as well. Lines are dependent, it is a square book, sometimes you will find better lines here than others, sometimes you will fine the worst lines available in the market. But when you have an edge, and you bet most of my plays .5 points or even 1 point should not make the difference. Also offer a WIDE variety of sports and game, have Casino games and much more!

In summary, all these sites are very good and trusted by myself. They have all the good things in common that we should care about, good lines, variety of sports/leagues to bet on and fast payouts. I have a bankroll, small, medium or large on each of them that I use to shop for the best lines and take advantage of. If you are starting definitely 1 and 4 should be your priorities because they BOTH IMMEDIATELY BOOST your Bankroll with the Bonus match as they add that cash immediately and best of all after making your bets with it you can keep it. Versus the other two which offer you their bonuses in free plays where you can only bet on your play but only get back the winnings amount.

So for example, on GT Bets or Bovada, you deposit $250, seconds later your balance will show $500.00 dollars, that is now YOUR CASH, YOUR Balance, YOUR Bankroll. You are starting with that amount thanks to the signup bonus. While in 5dimes or Bet online, you get that balance separate, in a free play section where you can use it to bet but you can only get the cash of whatever bets you win. If you bet $25 to win $25 from that free play balance, and you win, you will only get the winnings portion, the amount you bet gets discounted from the free play balance and the winnings cash gets added to your balance. Still not too bad, at the end of the day it is FREE Money! You can make your decision, all of above are really good and the best online options for sports books. Feel free to ask any questions about any of them on Twitter, @LordSportsBets