Last week I announced I was going to be sharing ALL my Bets Daily Volume so you guys can choose the plays you like the most instead of sticking to the 3 or 4 I was supplying a day. Volume, when you have a big edge handicapping is “what makes it happen” for professional sports bettors to have profitable winning days more often. Bad streaks and even larger losses because of it are possible? Yes, it is not in our hands but if we put in good work in 10 games for example, chances are that even if we lost the first 4 somehow, we can turn everything around in the SAME DAY.

The Picture above was our results from today (2/4/2107), AMAZING day. Around 15 bets were made for an overall total of 11-2-2. That is A LOT of winners! That is a lot of money, but what I want you to focus on is THE ODDS. By the way, it is in decimal odds type because the tool I use, Betdog was built like that as the tool was created on Europe. It also has a unique and quick way to put in the results of your bets as home teams/spread would be #1 in results and away teams/spreads would be two. Therefore if your team won, you put in just another as all the other information and details of the bet were previously putting by you. I also have a spread sheet where I do everything manually, so basically I double track my bets to make sure I am not committing any error.

But anyways, back to the odds from those plays and even if you have to calculate them to have an idea of what it is like in American odds, those numbers, mostly Soccer are MASSIVE. We pretty much double/tripled our bets amount in some of those plays. That goes back to when I mentioned in a post couple days ago how with soccer, because of it being a tougher sport, and us having to lead with 3-way money line where a draw between the two teams make you lose the bets, you have to be PATIENCE. The wins will come, and they will come massively in bunches, in numbers and big payouts and having soccer will always balance out one way or the other when you are not having a good week in the other sports. Thankfully for us this week has been so great and this is a great way to close it, but I am ready for more.

Looking forward to more days like this and to keep providing you guys more winners daily. I work hard everyday for results the ones above, study match ups, numbers, stats, lines etc etc to get to this point. This is my goal everyday, and trust me, everyone would be a Professional sports bettor if it was that easy! Bad streaks are imminent, break even days too. This is a grind but if you stay discipline, with the right system you will get going.