As you guys know, ever since the Super Bowl 51 Lines Opened for betting we “locked” the New England Patriots -3 Spread. Now, weeks after that,the  line is still there, -3, it has not moved at all! One of the reasons of that is because sharps are divided, public, some of it is on Patriots along with some sharp action. It is that close of a game?

In my opinion, this will be one of the most exciting Super Bowls in the history. Two powerful offense, top quarterbacks with a lot of weapons they can use to execute their plan and get the win. *Defense is the real topic here, we know Patriots defense proved to be very solid and with Bill Belichick’s coaching they should be able to find ways to neutralize any danger Atlanta presents. That doesn’t mean the #1 offense in the League won’t score a lot of points, but if it is going to be fire vs fire, Matt Ryan vs Tom Brady, one of the defenses will have to step up and solve the game.

The New England Patriots got the better defense in this game in my opinion and if they execute perfectly offensively, they shouldn’t have any problems winning this game by 6-7 points. So Patriots -3 should be safe at least for a push in case it turns out to be a close game. Just like I announced weeks ago…

Super Bowl 51 Pick: New England Patriots -3

Score Predicition: 31-24