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Here you will find sports analysis, picks and information. Also you can get more details on how to join our VIP Membership. There are currently 2 Packages available for the correspondent up and running Sports and Leagues. MLB and International Sports are the two packages available at very affordable prices. If you have any questions feel free to contact LordSports! The goal is to deliver real winners day in and day out based on hard work and dedication. Doesn’t matter the sport, league or package! We cover all major US sports, International Leagues and have packages available at bargain prices!

Our subscription packages are very affordable and will help you to finally start making real money in the sports betting business. LordSports do all the number crunching and analysis of information all you have to do is cash out tickets!

Our picks are sent throughout the day for the different sports and leagues. International Package runs midnight/overnight for Asia and morning for European leagues while US Sports go from the afternoon all the way to the night, LITERALLY 24/7 Action! We always give priority to grabbing the best lines and numbers.